N1 Up

Active men are expected to “stand their ground” in a wide variety of everyday situations and to deliver their best performance. Even in loving life, the man is quickly under pressure to be in top form.

More and more men are looking for an alternative to chemical substances, purely herbal products, which are supposed to positively support the man’s energy balance.

The consumption of plant substances to support male potency is as old as the problem to be solved.

Even today, natural boosters are back in vogue – you return to the original and have no interest in the side effects of a chemical substance. There are several natural products that can positively influence a man’s energy balance – for example N1 up.

The ingredients of N1 up are not just any plant extracts, but only the best of their kind.

  • Ginseng and goji extracts are said to have potency-promoting properties.
  • Mumijo can be used to increase performance.
  • Vitamin C contributes to a normal energy metabolism and to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.
  • Zinc contributes to maintaining normal testosterone levels in the blood.
  • And other high-quality plant extracts to support the energy balance.


Germany is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative products.

The food supplement was developed by a team of doctors, pharmacists and natural scientists. All ingredients of N1 up, as well as the nutritional values permitted in the European Union, have been analyzed and certified by independent laboratories.

N1 up is manufactured according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). This means guidelines for quality assurance in production processes in pharmaceutical manufacturing.


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