fridgedoc – food protect

professional hygienic system
Fridgedoc Food Protect offers gentle protection for long freshness. The product eliminates existing germs in your fridge and prevents new infections.

Many of the approved hygiene. And detergents require exact handling of the dosage until
application. Side effects – especially a strong smell and an impairment of the products – can
hardly be avoided.
Due to its easy handling based on the patented knick ́n ́clean Technology and its gentle
effectiveness, fridgedoc food protect is the alternative for everyone who wants to store food
safely without effort. The system eliminates 99.9% of all germs, prevents new infestations and
thus prolongs the freshness and quality of waiting by up to 25 days.

Fridgedoc food protect is the only professional hygiene system that combines a permanently
effective protection of food with easy handling and can also extend the shelf life of sensitive
fresh goods. The active ingredient is the proven disinfectant chlorine dioxide. To activate it, the
rod must be bent and the inner tube broken. Thus the two components hydrogen chloride and
sodium chloride are mixed. The active ingredient slowly penetrates the special plastic and is
thus effective in the refrigerator in a controlled manner.

PZN: 16609022 (4 Sticks) & 16609016 (1 Stick)